Smartray launches ECCO 55 3D Sensor

SmartRay, provider of innovative 3D-sensors for quality control measurements and robot control, extends the product family ECCO 55 with a solution for µ-exact 3D-controls. The new ECCO 55.020 was conceived to register the finest quality characteristics of small objects – also at high process speeds. The compact, light and still robust all-in-one sensor is convincing also thank to its easy integration. The 100 Mbit interface of the 3D-sensor allows a rapid data exchange with an analysis reps. automation system.

EConomic & COmpact – like all ECCO sensors from SmartRay, the Begierde series ECCO 55 of 3D-laser sensors convinces through its special technical characteristics. The new ECCO 55.020, unique in this sensor compact class, offers a maximum scanning rate of 6 KHz. The 3D-sensor reaches a typical lateral resolution of about 35 wholesale jerseys µm – 40 µm and produces up to 640 elevation points per 3D-measurement profile. This allows the registration of the cheap jerseys online finest quality characteristics on small objects such as electronic components, screws or coins. If ECCO 55.020 cheap nfl jerseys is fitted on a robot or a mobile machine structure, it allows for extremely precise automatic visualisation. Thanks to its efficiency, ECCO 55.020 is the perfect complement to the already launched models ECCO 55.050 and ECCO 55.100.

3D-measurement possible close to the object

Like with all ECCO-sensors from SmartRay, also the ECCO 55.020
laser optics and the analysis and SmartRay data transmission are enclosed in a ultra-modern 180 g-light casing of the protection class IP65. Thus the sensor can be fitted easily at the ideal working distance of 70 mm. The measurement range is 20 mm. The sensor vision field can be between 22 mm and 26 mm – depending on the actual distance from the object within the measurement range.

Quick operational readiness

Because Visit the sensor is calibrated in the factory, it can be put into operation easily. The calibration process developed by SmartRay corrects the smallest optical alignment deviations or optical aberrations during set-up or exchange. The standard measurement value is expressed in millimetres, but it can be converted to be transmitted as raw data from the software. The 100-megabit interface of ECCO 55.020 ensures the rapid data exchange between the sensor and an analysis resp. automation system.

About SmartRay

SmartRay is specialised in 3D-sensors* for measurements, for quality controls and robot control. wholesale nfl jerseys With the help of this technology, manufacturers can improve the quality of their products, optimize automation processes and lower production costs. By focusing 100% on 3D, SmartRay has developed a wide portfolio of products that offers a rapid and reliable range of 3D-applications.

High-tech products “Made in Germany”: The 3D-sensors from SmartRay only need little space, can be installed easily and quickly. They combine laser triangulation with Hangi innovative image processing. The 3D-data can be further processed with any image-processing software. The newest ECCO™ product family is synonymous with high performance in compact design. SmartRay 3D-technology is also at the centre of WeldVision™. WeldVision™ is a highly efficient 3D-inline control solution of highest precision based on high-speed laser measurement technology. Many leading companies of the automotive industry use WeldVision to check welded and glued seams.

The company headquarters are in Wolfratshausen, close to Munich, while SmartRay distributes their products internationally via a global network of providers and system integrators. For further details visit SmartRay at

(* 3D-sensors can also be referred to as 3D-laser scanners, 3D-laser sensors, 3D-vision sensors, laser profilers, laser profile snelweg sensors or simply as 3D-vision)

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