State-of-the-art inline 3D  Inspection with JOSY

Increase control of your weld seam quality


Josy is a high-speed, all-in-one-system for non-contact visual 3D inspections, ideally suited to all joining technologies. Josy combines highly advanced sensors, a configurable software package and personal service to a perfect solution to support your 3D quality assurance effectively. Josy boosts your product quality by returning accurate and reliable inspection results compliant to international standards.


Scalable performance: Each production process puts
specific requirements on the system deployed to check
joining results. Josy is a specialized software package
for 3D inspection exactly configured to your needs and
perfectly synchronized with the deployed hardware.


SmartRay provides cutting-edge 3D vision sensor technology in the smallest form factor designed for harsh industrial environment conditions. The 3D laser triangulationssensors are optimized for precise metrology and inspection tasks. The combination of high quality components and innovative software design ensure a perfect 3D image. Depending on the application, you can select the ideal 3D sensor model from a broad product portfolio.


We’re your reliable partner in defining & integrating inspection solutions for new production lines. In this partnership, you will benefit from the experience and 3D competence of SmartRay –  providing support tailored to your needs. Your business grows – Josy grows along with you. Thanks to the modularity of Josy, you can expand your solution for every new model or inspection requirement. Josy stands for excellent project planning, easy commissioning and professional after-sales support.

Inspection: Detects and classifies typical welding defects, including pores, holes, splash, edge notches and end craters.
Guidance: WeldVision can be integrated into any manufacturing process and provides accurate robot guidance.
Measurement: Monitor the quality of your welded assembly by checking critical measurements with geometric precision.

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