Delivering superior 3D data quality in a compact design, the ECCO 95.015G has been developed to scan flat glass and specular, highly reflective surfaces. Combining our reliable ECCO 95 sensor technology with an optimised lens and optics, it provides a high-accuracy, high-resolution, high-speed scanning solution.

ECCO 95.015G

Properties & Benefits

  • Designed specifically to measure glass and specular surfaces
  • High-speed 3D scanning
  • Superior 3D image quality
  • Ultra-high-resolution imaging
  • Economic and compact
ECCO 95.015G


Typical field of view (near | mid | far ) 1 11 mm | 12 mm | 11 mm
Measurement range 1 5.6 mm
Typical vertical resolution (Z) 1 0.42 – 0.54 µm
Typical lateral resolution (Y) 1 6.0 µm – 6.8 µm
Stand-off distance 23.5 mm
Mounting distance 65 mm
Laser wavelength  450 nm (brilliant blue laser)
Laser class (standard) 3R
Maximum points/ 3D profile 1920
Mounting Sensor mounted at 21° pitch angle (sensor is shipped with mounting adapter)
Weight Approx. 775 g (includes mounting adapter)
Z-Repeatability4.5 0.15µm
Z-Linearity2.5 0.015%
Part number 3.004.191 (laser class 3R)

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Typical scan rate 3 Approx. from 1 kHz up to 10 kHz (with full FOV)
Typical 3D point rate 3 Approx. from 0.7 up to 15 million points/sec
Interface Gigabit Ethernet ( 1 Gbit/ sec)
Inputs 2 x Inputs, 5 – 24 VDC
Quadrature Encoder (AB-Channel, RS-422 Standard)
Outputs 2 x Outputs, 24 VDC (max. 20 mA)
Trigger START Trigger support on Input 1 – 2
DATA Trigger support on Quadrature Encoder Input (Max. DATA trigger rate: 1 MHz)
DATA Trigger support on Input 2 (Max. DATA trigger rate: 10 kHz)
Input voltage | Power 24 VDC, ± 15 % ripple | 8.5 W
Maximum ambient light 10,000 lx
EMC test as per EN 61 000-6-2, EN 61 000-6-4
Vibration/ Shock test as per EN 60 086-2-6, -27, -29, -64
Electrical safety as per EN 61 010-1-3
Protection class III, as per EN 61 040-3
Enclosure rating IP65
Air humidity Maximum 90%, non-condensing
Temperature (operation | storage) 0 – 40° C | -20 – 70° C
Compatible accessories Power-I/O-Encoder cable: 6.320.0XX
Ethernet cable: 6.303.0XX


(1) Typical values can vary up to 5% due to optical tolerances
(2) Z-Linearity calculated as a variation of “bias” (reference value vs. measured value) over the measurement range
(3) Scan rate & point rate are dependent on the configured field of view, measurement range and exposure time. A ‘scan’ by definition considers maximum points/3D profile i.e. full FOV. The typical scan/point rate range has
been estimated considering an exposure time of 1 µsec, min-max MR and full FOV. The typical scan rate can be further boosted by windowing the FOV
(4) Experimentally assessed by scanning a fixed measurement target 4100 times successively within short time interval. No post-processing filters applied
(5) Measurements performed on a SmartRay standard artifact which is an aluminium flat matt surface painted matte white

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