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Experienced business leader joins SmartRay to drive international growth strategy

SmartRay has appointed Ettore Cucchetti as Managing Director, overseeing the company’s sales, marketing and product management. An experienced business leader in the machine vision and automation industry, Ettore has spent more than three decades in management roles for high-tech companies around the world. Enthusiastic about technical challenges, he will drive SmartRay’s international growth, with particular focus on the electronics, automotive and new energy sectors, and the US and Asia markets. Key responsibilities include taking forward SmartRay’s innovative 3D sensor portfolio recognised by customers for being fast, accurate and precise. It includes innovative product lines such as the ECCO range of [...]

June 17th, 2020|

JOSY live in action – cutting edge weld inspection

  A leading German automobile manufacturer needed a high-quality, inline inspection system highlighting metal active gas (MAG) welds on suspension cradles used in a range of market-leading vehicles. See our weld inspection system JOSY live in action at their plant. Watch now here:

April 8th, 2020|

Inspecting Metal Gas Cylinder Forming

Find out how ECCO 3D sensors ensure production quality in sheet metal forming. Sergio Badocco – Owner of MDA is excited: “Before the implementation of the system, a manual measurement was made on random samples using a jig tool, which took at least two minutes to check the whole surface. With the SmartRay sensor it takes 5 seconds to automatically check the surface, resulting in 96% of time saved for a single check. In addition it is now possible to perform the inspection on 100% of production”. Get the full application story here:  

February 25th, 2020|

3D Forging Inspection Application

Find out how high-precision, industry-leading 3D solutions ensure challenging measurements are met reliably and repeatably. The key question for this application were: Could modern, contactless 3D laser technology be used to provide production-integrated measurement of high-temperature workpieces? This is a typical challenge in the forging- and metalworking industries. Read about the solution in our application story:

January 17th, 2020|

SmartRay introduces its first 3D sensor for glass and specular surfaces

SmartRay has added to its industry-leading ECCO 95 range a new sensor designed to scan glass and specular surfaces. The ECCO 95.015G is our first sensor designed specifically for flat and specular reflective surfaces. Previously, the 3D scanning of these surfaces has not been possible, because the laser would pass through the glass. Combining our existing ECCO 95 sensor technology with optimised optics enables the surface to be scanned, while maintaining the compact sensor size. The ECCO 95.015G also provides the high-resolution, high-speed accuracy and reliability associated with the ECCO range. Offering superior 3D data quality, the glass sensor is [...]

November 12th, 2019|

SmartX software optimization tools

We are pleased to introduce our first software optimization tools today. United under the name SmartX, we will offer more and more optimization tools in the future. Starting today with SmartXpress and SmartXact we can help to boost your productivity!   SmartXpress - Boost scan rate with multi-ROI functionality Configure FOV & MR with Multi ROI to either select or mask regions of interest By selecting multiple ROI’s instead of scanning the full ROI, you can increase the scan rate by up to 35% for some applications. In addition, it’s now possible to effectively mask areas which you don’t need [...]

October 17th, 2019|
SmartRay – “In a nutshell”

SmartRay specialise in 3D Sensors* for inspection, guidance and measurement; that help manufacturing companies improve product quality, guide automation and reduce production costs. By focusing on 3D, SmartRay has built a comprehensive portfolio of products designed to solve a rapidly increasing range of industrial applications. The company’s strategy is to combine new technologies with German engineering to create a range of 3D Sensors that can be fitted anywhere, are quick to set up and easy to deploy.

SmartRay sensors combine laser triangulation with innovative image formation technology to create detailed 3D images that can be processed by any 3rd party vision software. The latest ECCOTM family brings a new design philosophy to the 3D Sensor market that delivers high performance, small size, lightweight and stylish packaging. SmartRay 3D technology also forms the core of the WeldVisionTM high speed inline weld inspection systems, employed by major automotive manufacturers to verify weld seam quality.

Based in the Munich area of Germany, the company’s global coverage is expanding rapidly through a network of distributors and system integrators. For more details, visit SmartRay at

(* 3D Sensors may also be referred to as a 3D laser scanners, 3D laser sensors, 3D vision sensors, laser profilers, laser profile sensors or simply 3D vision)