Technology for technology’s sake does nothing. Technology applied well, changes everything. At SmartRay we focus on a number of core proprietary technologies that when deployed together redefine the 3D Sensor market. Here are just a few of the SmartRay innovations incorporated into our products:


All our sensors are pre-calibrated, so they deliver precise, repeatable measurements, right down to the micrometer range, as soon as they are installed.


With optics and laser illumination included in every 3D Sensor, we have eliminated the need for lenses and lighting to be evaluated, tested and purchased for each application.


By carefully miniaturising every component, we have created the smallest, lightest range of 3D Sensors available anywhere, so they are easier to fit on any production line.


By incorporating the latest high resolution image sensors into our products, we can measure more accurately, detect smaller defects and control automation more precisely than with any other 3D Sensor.


Through innovative optical design, the light sensitivity of our 3D Sensors in optimised, allowing the use of lower category lasers that avoid the need for expensive shielding and protection.


Our unique filtering technology helps our 3D Sensors create high quality, reliable images of products with reflective surfaces that would otherwise be impossible to inspect or measure.

Software integration

To ensure our 3D Sensors can be used with as wide a range of vision software as possible, we have created a set of communication and set up software tools that are quick and easy to use.


Visualize 3D!

SmartRay 3D Sensors work based on the principle of  laser triangulation. A laser line is projected onto the object, which is reflected back onto an image sensor. Due to the angle between the laser line and the image sensor, the reflected laser line appears at different positions in the image depending on the height of the object at each point. The 3D Sensor measures the profile of the object. Relative movement between the object and the 3D Sensor creates a full 3D model of the object.

To inspect and measure use the 3D PointCloud or the “Z-Maps”. The hight of the object is displayed in real mm.

Z-Map with 3D Visualization in mm

Do more with SmartRay 3D™

SmartRay’s 3D Sensors capure additionally the Intensity and Laser Line Thickness information from your part.
By using our 3D Sensors, you will also have the 2D information availabe. 3D = 2D + more!


Laser Line Thickness