Cutting-edge 3d sensors for Inspection, Guidance and Measurement

The company’s strategy is to combine new technologies with high quality German engineering to create a range of 3D Sensors that can be fitted anywhere, are quick to set up and easy to deploy.

SmartRay Sensors combine laser triangulation with innovative image formation technology to create detailed 3D images that can be processed by any 3rd party vision software. The latest ECCO family brings a new design philosophy to the 3D Sensor market that delivers high performance, small size and lightweight construction.

Ecco Family  ecco
ECCO 95.010
Typ. field of View
11 mm
Measurement range
5 mm
Typical scan rate
Approx. from 1 kHz up to 10 kHz
Typ. vertical resolution
0.37 µm – 0.45 µm
Typ. lateral resolution
5.8 µm – 6.8 µm