After many years’ experience in the Machine Vision Industry, Mathias Reiter founded the RVS GmbH and started distribution of the company’s first series of high-speed sensors. In 2007 the company was re-launched as SmartRay GmbH.

Eric Ceyrolle is the Senior Executive Advisor for SmartRay. Eric spent over 25 years working in the machine vision industry in Europe, Asia and the United States for companies including Cognex Corporation and Isra Vision.

Ettore Cucchetti is the Managing Director of SmartRay, starting 1 June 2020. Ettore is an international business leader with vast experience and achievements in the Machine Vision and Automation Industry for companies like Cognex and Isra Vision.

Being the founder of the company and seeing it grow to what it is today has been very exciting for me. Although it has been a big challenge to build such a successful high technology company, I am proud of the team we have built that combines professionalism, enthusiasm and effectiveness into a powerhouse for developing our 3D business.
Mathias Reiter, Managing Director / Founder & Owner
I am very impressed by the way that SmartRay has incorporated so many innovative technologies into their 3D sensors. It gives me great satisfaction to help the company exploit the emerging, high potential 3D market. I really enjoy being able to bring my global business and management experience to the company and work with the whole team to establish SmartRay as a true global player.
Eric Ceyrolle, Senior Executive Advisor
I am delighted to be at the helm and guide SmartRay on its mission to become a global leader of 3D metrology for inline inspection. Combining a strong foundation of great technology, extensive 3D expertise and the right strategy for globalization, I am confident that more customers can benefit from our best price-performance 3D sensors in all kinds of manufacturing sectors.
Ettore Cucchetti, Managing Director