We are pleased to introduce our first software optimization tools today. United under the name SmartX, we will offer more and more optimization tools in the future. Starting today with SmartXpress and SmartXact we can help to boost your productivity!


SmartXpress – Boost scan rate with multi-ROI functionality

Configure FOV & MR with Multi ROI to either select or mask regions of interest

By selecting multiple ROI’s instead of scanning the full ROI, you can increase the scan rate by up to 35% for some applications.

In addition, it’s now possible to effectively mask areas which you don’t need to scan for example to exclude noise/reflections from the ROI.


SmartXact – Improve accuracy and repeatability

New 3D data generation mode called SmartXact Metrology Mode to help improve accuracy and/or repeatability (depending on the application).

SmartXact uses intelligent data generation techniques within the firmware and enhanced data processing algorithms in the SDK to help boost sensor performance for challenging metrology applications.


Find out more about our new optimization options and watch out webcast:





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