SmartRay introduces new ECCO 75 model, after the successful introduction of the high definition ECCO 75 series earlier in 2015, SmartRay are now delighted to announce the new ECCO 75.030 3D Sensor model.

“By combining the high processor speed and high pixel count of the ECCO 75 with a smaller field of view, we have taken 3D inspection, guidance and measurement to the next level in terms of accuracy and performance. The ECCO 75.030 delivers the ideal solution for inspecting smaller parts with an exceptional repeatability than has ever been possible before in 3D”, says Mathias Reiter, Managing Director of SmartRay GmbH.

Typical applications include electronic component inspection, semiconductor guidance, small automotive part measurement, electrical connector inspection, pharmaceutical products, miniature component assembly automation and ceramic PCB via measurement.


With a typical field of view of 36 mm, vertical resolution of 1.5 µm and a horizontal resolution of under 20 µm the ECCO 75.030 is aimed specifically at all precision manufacturing operations and further increases the range of applications where SmartRay 3D sensors can be used by manufacturers around the world.

As will all other 3D Sensors in the ECCO family, the ECCO 75.030 combines value, light weight and high performance in a compact, self-contained, off-the- shelf package.

The ECCO 75.030 is available now. Find out more!