Laser triangulation, resolution capability of µm precision, high scan rates for high process speeds as well as Ethernet for the transmission of measurement data in real time are the main features of the 3D laser sensor systems WeldVision™ from SmartRay. This compact and easy inspection solution is applied in various automated welding processes to check the typical welded seam characteristics. Further application domains are the 100% inspection of glue beads, web edges, part edges and cut edges as well as other thread-like material webs resp. endless profiles.

In addition to the geometrical 3D verification, with WeldVision™ you can also detect, fully automatically and very safely, also quality faults on the surface as such, e.g. pores, holes or fine cracks.

Inline inspection in 3D

The system solution WeldVision™ is composed of computer hardware with user-friendly visualisation interface, high-performance evaluation software as well as calibrated 3D laser sensors from our own SmartRay factory. These can be freely chosen from the wide SmartRay portfolio, function of the application – high speed, high resolution or reflex filter versions are available. With its scan frequency of up to 10 kHz, a verification speed reaching 1.000 mm/s and a real-time Ethernet protocol, WeldVision offers the highest precision in the field of laser high-speed measurement technology as contactless inline inspection tool.

Suitable for the most important industrial welding and soldering procedures

The proof of perfect processing quality and early detection of process-bound faults are both ensured by WeldVision™ with the highest reliability. This applies for metal arc welding resp. arc soldering processes (Metal-Active-Gas welding MAG and Metal-Inert-Gas welding MIG) as well as for laser welding procedures and laser soldering, with its especially fine soldered seams.

Reliable also in case of disturbing impulses due to the verified object resp. the environment

Robust and compact casing of protection class IP65, light weight for the use on robots and mobile machinery, Ethernet interfaces and various field buses – WeldVision™ is designed coherently for the use in industrial environment. The same applies for the measurement performance, reliable also in difficult conditions. Reflection filters for the 3D laser sensors ensure reliable measurements, not influenced by extreme brightness, resp. reflection features of material surfaces, nor by mirroring, extraneous light or HF lights present in the measurement area. The analysis of the recorded images is performed in 2D as well as in 3D, which allows for the exact measurement even of extremely flat or even seams. At a horizontal pixel resolution within the field of vision of up to 25 µm and a vertical resolution of up to 2.5 µm you can even detect holes, pores and fine cracks reliably.

Easy integration and operation

The 3D inspection solution WeldVision™ is delivered “turn key”. The inspection solution, sensor system, control and computer technology, implementation in the respective field bus area, operating instructions – are all delivered at once. The integrated GoLive function of WeldVision™ ensures a rapid sensor set-up and thus a quick utilisation of the system. The interactive user interface of WeldVision™ shows the inspection processes in operation and the detected faults. The wide-range statistical analyses help identify the problematic areas early in the manufacturing process and minimise in this way rejects and fault expenses.

By way of conclusion: WeldVision™ is the ideal/an indispensable tool in automated welding and manufacturing processes for the implementation of zero-faults strategies

About SmartRay

SmartRay is specialised in 3D-sensors* for measurements, quality controls and robot control. With the help of this technology, manufacturers can improve the quality of their products, optimise automation processes and lower production costs. SmartRay focused 100% on 3D and developed a comprehensive product portfolio opening a wide range of 3D-applications.

High-tech products “Made in Germany”: The 3D-sensors from SmartRay need only little space and can be installed easily and rapidly. They combine laser triangulation with innovative image processing. The 3D-data can be further processed with any image processing software. The newest ECCO™ product family is synonymous with high performance in compact design. The SmartRay 3D-technology is also at the centre of WeldVision™. WeldVision™ is a highly efficient 3D-inline control, of highest precision, in the high-speed laser-based measurement technology. Many leading companies of the automotive industry use WeldVision to check welded and glued seams.

SmartRay has its headquarters in Wolfratshausen, close to Munich and distributes their products internationally via a global network of providers and system integrators. For further details visit SmartRay at

(* 3D-sensors can also be referred to as 3D-laser scanners, 3D-laser sensors, 3D-vision sensors, laser profilers, laser profile sensor or simply as 3D-Vision)

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