SmartRay GmbH, the technology leader in the field of 3D laser measurement sensors for industrial applications, has opened an office in China, and serve the entire Asian market from China office by offering

  • Cutting-edge 3D sensors and solutions
  • Local technical support and service
  • Fast response to customer’s request

SmartRay firmly believe that, Asian customers can rely on SmartRay’s local team to perform well in 3D dimensional measurement, defects inspection and automation guidance, and customers can become more successful in improving product quality, improving efficiency, and reducing costs.

To get local support, please contact Kane Jiang, Asia Sales Director, at
Phone: +86 189 1091 7827

For more information, please contact Bernd Lorösch, Director of Global Sales and Services,at
Phone: + 49 (0) 8171 9683 400

By opening a sales office in Beijing, SmartRay is responding to the Asian market’s increasing demand for superior quality-assurance systems and automation solutions. S“Shengfa Jiang is opening the door to important industrial clients as well as system integrators and distributors for us,” says Bernd Lorösch, Director of Global Sales and Services at SmartRay.