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We are pleased to announce the launch of SmartXtract – the latest SmartX tool for 3D scanning of reflective surfaces. With SmartXtract you can be sure to obtain the best data points from any noisy, reflective surface, instantly improving accuracy and results!

SmartX software-optimisation tools boost the performance of the ECCO 95 sensor series, and is available as standard in SDK 5.5. The suite of tools include SmartXact for Metrology applications, SmartXpress to boost scan rate and the new SmartXtract for scanning reflective surfaces.

SmartXtract – Scan the Data not the Reflection

Get precision and stability from your 3D scans of a reflective surface. The SmartXtract firmware-software tool uses advanced reflection filter algorithms to reduce noise and improve 3D data quality.

Find out how SmartXtract can help your application – download more information about SmartXtract here!