ECCO 95: High speed 3D scanning, ultra-high resolution and superior image quality

As the premium sensor series, the ECCO 95 sensors combine high resolution and measurement speed. This is made possible by the new sensor platform with innovative electronic design along with brilliant blue laser technology and tailor-made optics to provide the best 3D data quality. Particularly suited to the measurement and testing of smartphone housing and electronic components; connectors and printed circuit boards, the ECCO 95.040 offers a 36mm wide field of view with <20 μm lateral resolution and 1,920 3D points per captured profile.

Properties & Benefits

  • High Speed 3D scanning – For faster production lines & throughput
  • Ultra-High Resolution – Resolve extremely fine features
  • Superior 3D Image Quality – Best repeatability under challenging conditions
ECCO 95.040
Typical field of view (near | mid | far ) 1 34  | 36 | 38 mm
Measurement range 1 16 mm
Stand-off distance 60 mm
Typical vertical resolution (Z)