SmartRay launches ECCO 75 3D Sensor

3D-image processing in full HD quality, compact and nice-shape design, light weight, newest processor and data transmission technology as well as increased user friendliness – these characteristics are the common denominator of laser sensors in the series ECCO 75 from SmartRay. They have been developed, among others, for automatic optical inspection, visual robot control and handling units as well as for other demanding applications that require maximum of precision and process security.

EConomic & COmpact – like all members of the ECCO family from SmartRay, also the series ECCO 75 of the cloves compact class 3D-laser sensors convinces through its special technical characteristics. ECCO 75.100 is the first sensor of the series and offers a working distance of 150 mm with a field of view of 30 mm to 200 mm and a measurement range of 100 mm.

The first 3D-laser sensor in HD quality worldwide

ECCO 75 is the measurement: first sensor of this type in the world and offers an image resolution at full HD quality. Every 3D-profile created by the sensor consists of 1920 3D pixels rendering a resolution of 1.75 µm in all three dimensions. This allows the identification of the smallest errors at optical inspection and an extremely precise automatic visual control. The environment does not influence the measurement precision of 3D-laser sensors because the efficient optical filters completely fade out the effects of big luminosity differences, highly reflecting surfaces or critical external light interference, for example due to HF lamps.

Best equipment for the most demanding applications

The ECCO 75 measurement technology and data transmission comply with the highest requirements for industrial applications. Thank to the Dual Core processor technology, the 3D-laser sensor is capable to scan more than 7.5 million 3D-points per second for the scaled 3D-profiles of the measured object. This allows the identification of the finest details, for example needed for the inspection of electronic components or packaging items. The high-speed Gigabit Отель Ethernet interface of ECCO 75 ensures data transmission in real time between the sensor and an analysis resp. automation system.

Easy operation

For easy sensor set-up, visualization of images or change in the control parameters, the SmartRay StarterKit Software included in the scope of delivery as well as the intuitive user interface “Studio 4” of ECCO 75 guarantee easy operation for the putting into operation and the operation as such. The calibration process developed by cheap nfl jerseys SmartRay corrects even the smallest deviations in the optical alignment or optical image during wholesale mlb jerseys set-up and data exchange – thus reducing time and costs. The measurement values can be put out either as uncalibrated raw data Marketing or calibrated in millimetres.

Ready for special conditions

The consistent industrial design allows for the use of ECCO 75 in special conditions. Thus, the protection class IP65 prevents the penetration of dust and humidity into the sensor casing. The compact measurements allows for the integration of the sensor also in places with little fitting space. With their light weight, 3D-laser sensors are also suitable for applications where they of are fitted on moving machine structures.

About SmartRay

SmartRay is specialised in 3D-sensors* for measurements, quality controls and robot control. With the help of this technology, manufacturers can improve the quality of their products, optimise automation processes and lower production costs. SmartRay focused 100% on 3D and developed a comprehensive product portfolio opening a wide range of 3D-applications.

High-tech products “Made in Germany”: The 3D-sensors from SmartRay need only little space and can be installed easily and rapidly. They combine laser triangulation with innovative image processing. The 3D-data can be further processed with any image processing software. The newest ECCO™ product family is synonymous with high performance in compact design. The SmartRay 3D-technology is also at the centre of WeldVision™. WeldVision™ is a highly efficient 3D-inline control, of highest precision, in the high-speed laser-based measurement technology. Many leading companies of the automotive industry use WeldVision to check cheap jerseys welded and glued seams.

SmartRay has its headquarters in Wolfratshausen, close to Munich and Visit distributes their products internationally via a global network of providers and system integrators. For further details visit SmartRay at

(* 3D-sensors can also be referred to as 3D-laser scanners, 3D-laser sensors, 3D-vision sensors, laser profilers, laser profile sensor or simply as 3D-Vision)

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