The roll-pitch-tilt angle is a three-dimensional room value with applications in many domains. For example, as description option for object orientation or position description or for tools control in robotics. The roll-pitch-tilt angle describes the three subsequent rotations. These are represented in an object-referenced right-handed coordinates system, the body frame. The angle descriptions thus derive from the descriptions of the three possible object rotation movements.

The tilt angle represents the value of the axis Z of a coordinate system, also named pitch, high or vertical axis. Direction angles are mostly designated with the terms “heading” resp. “azimuth”.

The pitch angle represents the value of axis Y in the coordinate system. Instead of pitch angle, you can also use the term pitch resp. lateral axis.

The roll angle resp. the tilt angle represents the value of axis Y in the coordinate system. In this case the roll angle resp. tilt angle is also called roll, tilt or longitudinal axis.