Weld seam verification is used when you search for faults in welded metallic materials. Weld seam verification has the task to recognise pores, lacks of fusion, grouts and slag inclusions that are often untraceable with the bare eye. Weld seam verification serves, on the one hand, to ensure quality during manufacturing, but also to verify manufactured objects. Important application fields with high quality requirements regarding weld seams are to be found in the automotive industry, in pipeline production and tank production.

Usually, weld seam verification uses X-rays or ultra-sound procedures. The tests based on these traditional verification methods are performed by means of test probes. This test can be performed manually, but also mechanised or automated, e.g. for the verification of longitudinally or spirally welded pipes or pressurised tanks.

For weld seam verification SmartRay makes use of recognition based on innovative high-speed laser scanners. Our 3D laser scanners allow highest precision and they are meant for automated manufacturing processes. Oscillations in the use on manufacturing robots or tolerances in component positioning are compensated in the evaluation. For applications with a high tolerance, the robot is controlled online, with high trajectory precision and led parallel to the respective component. In addition to weld seams and soldered seams, our WeldVision(tm) technology can also verify efficiently bond seams and seal welds or weld seals efficiently or be used for the quality assurance of rivets and the fully automatic crack testing on pressed sheet metal parts.