The scan rate is the number of seconds needed by a scanner or laser to measure a mass number decade. The scan rate, also called repetition rate, is expressed in s/d (second pro decade). The scan rate basically indicates the speed with which data can be collected, e.g. by a barcode scanner and sent to the system. The scan rate plays a very important role in many companies where very many data must be recorded as quickly as possible. The products from SmartRay have high scan rates and are thus optimised for a highly efficient use in automated processes.

The scan rate is influenced strongly by the amount of data that needs to e collected.

How to calculate the scan rate

The scan rate is calculated based on the following formula:

Scan rate = (1+amp_extra*0.06) * (35+2.2*((amps^9.6+100)^0.05)) – (roids/10) + (1100*(amps^0.2)/(roids+35))

The extended formula is completed by:

old_scan rate + (amps/(roids*50)) * (min(1,roids/5000))^2 *100