Lens distortion is a lens specific rotation symmetrical image error generally known from photography. In our case, it is a local modification of the representation scale within the image plane. Lens distortion also increases the margin magnification. The distortion can appear either as pincushion distortion or as barrel-shaped distortion. The problem of barrel-shaped distortion frequently appears when using wide-angle lenses built in retro-focus. In this case the focal distance is bigger than the focus. Pincushion lens distortion appears therefore when you use telephoto lenses that are structurally shorter than the focal length. The cause is the asymmetric structure of the lens and the shutter. The reverse shutter position in an asymmetric structure leads to pincushion lens distortion.

Expensive quality lens constructions can minimise the distortion. Because the distortion is constant, you can also correct this error by recording the lens-specific distortion and then compensate it by means of a software.

Possible residual distortion errors in our high-quality SmartRay products are completely removed through our internally developed calibration procedure. Every device is calibrated individually with multiple reference points in the field of vision and the distortion is corrected. As a result, you can also rely on this technology to process images with the standard methods of 2D image processing.