The calibration range is the interval comprising the measurement values possible when registered with a measuring device and typical for the respective measurement process. The calibration range results from the various standards and guidelines such as DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, a regulation organism for the certification of quality management systems. It comprises all requirements regarding measurement values and calibration provisions essential for the manufactured product. That is, the calibration range results from the reference data relevant for quality and the size of the calibration range depends on the type of index number that is to be recorded with the device.

In time, within the calibration range there may be deviations for individual measurements. This depends, for instance, on the purity of the measured material and also whether a so-called “drift” appears during the measurements. This designates a small deviation of the calibration range; therefore, one cannot assume a permanently fixed value. That is why the calibration range has to be reset from time to time, according to the relevant standards.

All our SmartRay products are calibrated carefully, individually, before delivery.